The mind is the intelligent energy that every cell in the body contains. It works on a conscious and subconscious level. With the conscious mind, we get to know the external world through the five senses. With it, we establish connections with the environment by perceiving, experiencing and acquiring knowledge, constantly learning in order to better prepare us for life's situations. The subconscious mind makes itself known in situations such as dreams, visions, problem solving, inspiration, treatment, healing, etc. It takes care of the work of the body while it sleeps and manages breathing, circulation, heart work, but also monitors the work of all other body functions.


I have been a reiki master since 1997 and I have helped many people and animals to solve their physical problems, and for people, psychological problems. When healing people, one cannot work without the other. Problems mostly arise because of emotions that a person faces in everyday life. Therefore, no reiki master can permanently help a person if he is not ready to understand the background of the problems pressing him and the desire for inner change. Every Reiki master must also be a psychologist.

Breaking ties

There are different types of connections. Some of them are happy and successful, and some are unhappy and unhealthy. Happy and successful relationships bring fulfillment, satisfaction and joy, while unhealthy relationships bring pain, insecurity, fear, and sometimes even death.

Why should one think

Human brain is constantly working, which means it works 24 hours a day. That is why it should be directed to constructive and quality thoughts. Most people think about their day and what that day brought them both good and bad. It is necessary to understand what caused what happened to you, especially if it is repeated in the same or similar way. Until you understand the reason and learn a life lesson from that event, it will keep repeating itself. This means that you go around in circles and actually live in the past and do nothing to change your life or improve your life situation. It's not good for you, and it's not good for others.


Mnogo ljudi nije sigurno u sebe, svoje stavove i svoje postupke. Često puta, ukoliko im nešto ne uspije, kritiziraju sebe. Što se više kritiziraju to se češće događaju situacije u kojima imaju malo uspjeha ili su potpuno promašene. To kritiziranje je samoosuđivanje sebe. Na takav način si govore da nisu dovoljno dobri, da nisu dovoljno vrijedni i da ne zaslužuju uspjeh.


f Self-restraintHome Archives Self-restraint People limit themselves out of fear. This fear arose due to the poor attitude of the parents towards the child. The parent does not understand how much his words affect the child’s life and his understanding of reality and truth. If a parent knows how his every word the child absorbs and builds a relationship with himself and life that later defines his attitudes, decision-making and behavior, he would pay close attention to his behavior, attitude and words to his child.


Defiance is most often manifested in children, considering that they must loudly show dissatisfaction with the way their parents treat them. Otherwise defiance occurs in all age groups. Have you ever, as a parent, wondered why your children defy you? The parent should always think about the negative expressions of the child's feelings towards him.


Parents and society instill prejudices in a child from birth. There are a lot of dangerous prejudices that if a child accepts them into his life, they can have a big negative impact on him. One of such prejudices is that if you are born with poor parents and in a poor environment, your life is marked by living in poverty.


The way a person shows his pride shows the stage of his spiritual development. People who are at a lower stage of spiritual development openly show their pride. Their pride is connected to their ego. The stronger the ego, the stronger they express pride. In such persons, pride is expressed by their praise of themselves, their elevation of themselves above others.

School system

Education should be provided to everyone, regardless of their financial status, gender or skin color. In schools, children should not only be educated, but through interaction with peers and teachers to enable the mastery of social norms, socialization, acceptance of hierarchical structure, learning to respect, positive ways of resolving conflicts, ethics and acceptance of diversity.


Education is one of the important factors in life nowadays, because it mainly determines the occupation that a person should pursue during most of his life. Much of the responsibility for the child's occupation will be borne by the parent, as he or she should guide the child as he or she grows up. This means that a parent needs to understand their child and recognize his or her preferences.


Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are indecisive in making decisions. This is a problem that hinders many people in their progress, because an indecisive person cannot fulfill his life tasks on time, and sometimes never, and therefore has to incarnate many times. Indecisive people not only braking themselves in their spiritual development but also harm people around you. Indecision is the fear of making a mistake.


There is a lot of controversy about the 5G network, mainly because all decision-makers ignore warnings about harmfulness, despite the fact that it has been scientifically proven that the 5G network is harmful not only to human health but also to all living beings on Earth. Money and power are still above the health and well-being of the people. More than 180 scientists and doctors from around 40 countries warn of the dangers of the 5G network and have published their response to Council of Europe „Resolution 1815“:

Animal organization

Have you ever studied animals? Most of the animal species that have survived are extremely well organized. This means that they have a very well-developed hierarchy. It is known exactly who has to do what to contribute to the community in the best possible way.


Since God is omnipotent and immensely creative, he created so much that we humans in 3D will never be able to comprehend it. First: What I have come to in my work and study is that there are 4 dimensions of our planet that are intertwined. These four dimensions can be felt more in uninhabited areas of the Earth.


Robotics is an interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with the design, construction, management and application of robots. It is based on mechanics (mechanical engineering), electrical engineering and informatics, i.e. the discipline of mechatronics that developed from their connection. Today, robotics is being developed and used in many areas of today's society. Its goal is to facilitate difficult tasks, speed up processes, and help perform many activities.


CERN - European Council for Nuclear Research established in 1954. CERN is the largest science laboratory in the world. The most important instruments at CERN are accelerators and particle detectors. In accelerators, particles accelerate almost to the speed of light (about 300,000 km / s) and are directed to collide. Observing collisions with the help of detectors provides data on the interaction of particles.


DARPA (founded as ARPA) is an agency founded in 1958 to research and develop new technologies for the US Department of Defense. It was established in collaboration with academia, industry and government partners to enable research and development projects to be carried out as well as possible and to expand the boundaries of technology and science beyond military requirements. DARPA is an agency that is engaged in many projects that can be said to affect today's society.


Clairvoyance is a very high development of intuition. This means that a person often or constantly uses his pineal gland (the gland in the center of the head) which is associated with receiving the omniscient energy that comes from God. It is said that a person is in complete harmony if he lives according to the perfect balance between the heart-pineal gland-brain. The heart gives humanity, understanding, compassion and love.

Ancient civilizations

Everyone knows that there were ancient civilizations. Today, it has already been determined to what extent some civilizations were extremely highly technologically advanced, and they failed. They say that life on Earth has existed for about 4 million years. Since then, there have been many civilizations, each with its own characteristics. The times in which they existed also carry their own special features. Some civilizations were more developed than today. It is believed that some of the first civilizations had their own electricity and water supply.


Today's society is called a civilized society mainly only because of the development of technology, medicine and human standard. It is not. Technologies are evolving in the direction of restricting human freedoms, manipulating human behavior and life, strengthening biological, chemical and robotic weapons, manipulating a large part of the technology and food market ... Medicine is evolving in the direction of relying on human achievements, such as prostheses, chips, artificial insemination, cloning, transfusion, transplantation, dietary supplements, antibiotics, unacceptable cosmetic surgery ...


One of the diseases of today's society is alienation. Today, most people in big cities, but also in rural areas, look only at themselves and their interests. Our social community is on a low level of consciousness that is why alienation is so strongly present. It is said that today we live in a highly civilized society. That we can have everything we want. The advancement of technology in the last 60 years is as progressive as it has ever been in this civilization known today.

Transhumanism Part 2

The movement was founded so that only rulers, overseers and workers would remain on Earth. As I mentioned in the first part, the first step is to reduce the number of people on Earth. This step is obvious, while the other steps towards achieving the goal have been initiated since the very beginning of the founding of the movement and are slowly being drawn into people's everyday lives.

Transhumanism Part 1

Transhumanism is a movement that uses new sciences and technologies to improve one's mental and physical abilities and innate skills. They want to eradicate what is considered undesirable and unnecessary characteristics of the human condition such as stupidity, suffering, disease, aging and death. Transhumanists believe that man can and must be improved or repaired, and their ultimate goal is to create a superman - a creation that is beyond all of God's natural laws. They believe that the human race has come to such a high intellectual and technological level that one can play god. One of the most important goals is the victory of disease and immortality.


This present time characterizes life in ignorance. The ignorance in which most people live today is a thorough misunderstanding of the truth about life. Due to ignorance, this is an unenviable situation in the world, which is manifested in negative events, bad interpersonal relationships, bad attitude towards nature and the Earth. Because of ignorance, people are separated from their essence, from God. No one teaches people who they are and what they are. No one directs them to the path of truth, love, and a deep connection with God. Today's society is based on exploitation, money, separation and complete destruction. No one is happy.


Do not wear black clothes as it blocks the energy in the body. Black absorbs all the energy that is in its vicinity. If you wear black clothes it will absorb all the energy of your body and not only will it block your energy flow and your body will not be able to function properly, but such a blockage of energy flow will cause disease.


Nutrition is the daily intake of food into the body to function properly. This means that we must eat healthy food that is organic, because only it has a lot of energy in its composition that is absorbed by the body. It is said that you should eat in order to get the daily amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other things that the body needs, but it is essential that everything that is taken into the body contains positive energy that nourishes and maintains the body.


Noise is any unwanted sound that bothers us. That sound can be very loud, painful, but also inaudible. Today there is more and more noise. Usually with noise we focus on sounds that are very loud, which makes us irritable, angry, helpless, heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, breathing speeds up, sweating increases, or sudden muscle contractions occur, and after prolonged exposure to depression, damage hearing, reduced ability to work, fatigue, poor communication, concentration problems, dysfunction of the digestive organs, especially the intestines and the functions of the endocrine glands (which produce hormones; pituitary gland, adrenal gland...). Rest and sleep are best for regenerating the body from noise.


Medications can be good for the body and bad. They can be made from medicinal substances of plant and animal origin as well as many organic and inorganic synthetic products that serve to detect, control and treat diseases in the body, or relieve and alleviate pain. In addition to the pills we call medicines, medicines also include blood and blood derivatives, and everything that is used from materials for medical purposes. Medicines are also called useful poisons, because poisons in small doses are useful medicines. The basic condition for the use of the drug is efficacy, reliability, safety, quality with clear instructions for use, and the method and area of action.


Addiction is a condition in people who have convinced themselves that they cannot live without something or someone. It is usually a long-term condition that is present for many reasons. For some it is present to make them feel better or satisfied e.g. by eating chocolate, the need to accumulate money and gamble, in others to forget their problems e.g. alcohol and drugs, in the third to show their maturity e.g. alcohol and smoking, in the fourth to show that e.g. the person allows daily mental and physical abuse (stimulating the feelings of the victim) etc. Addictions are varied and all encourage negative feelings, negative behavior and the breakdown of the person in psychicical and physical terms.


The subconscious is a collection of all our thoughts, memories, and emotions that we have accumulated over a lifetime that we are not aware of. While we observe consciousness on only one level, the one that is real to us at a given moment, either in waking or in a dream, we observe the subconscious on nine levels. Levels that are close to the conscious state are also the shallowest. This is where the alpha state of sleep enters when we know what we are dreaming.


Consciousness is made up of our thoughts that we are aware of whether we are awake or asleep. These conscious thoughts shape our reality, the way we express and behave. Our consciousness and our thoughts are shaped, upgraded and changed from our birth until our physical death. This means that our consciousness is shaped by our parents, the media and all the people we come in contact with.

Disbanded Children

Disbanded children have disbanded parents. Since parents are disbanded, they do not know how to position themselves properly in raising their children. They do not raise their children for many reasons such as their immaturity, irresponsibility, divorce, illness or are superfluous to them in the family, which means they do not like them. This is reflected in the fact that children are left to themselves in the development of their personality and character.

Hell on Earth

People think that this present time in which we live can be called civilization. They associate civilization with better living conditions, better hygiene, health, culture, nutrition, technology, etc. Most of this does not show in the right sense the development of society in relation to the beginnings of the development of society. On many continents, it has been found that about 10,000 years before the birth of Christ, there were buildings that produced electricity.

Heaven on Earth

Life on Earth is quite difficult for most people. From childhood we have to deal with everyday problems, unpleasant and unacceptable situations and our own understanding of ourselves. Often times we do not have the support of loved ones, the support of our family who should actually be with us in such moments. We are often left to our own devices.


Stress is a reaction of the body that occurs when we are under threat or some kind of fear that manifests in the body as need to escape or to fight. In addition, stress can be caused by a strong explosion, accident, sudden danger, fear or loss of a loved one, situation at work, in kindergarten, school, college, permanent poverty, food shortages, life without health care, our presence in the vicinity of violence, torture, etc.


Divorce is an event that should be avoided at all costs. Divorce can only be avoided if you are aware of the characteristics, values and flaws of your partner before starting to live together. A precursor to living together should be dating that refers to frequent conversations on all topics from nutrition, clothing, finances, health, preferences, perceptions of values and flaws. Today, most partners want to establish a quick relationship and engage in sexual intercourse very soon after dating. Such an attitude destroys a long-lasting and quality relationship, because a passionate sexual relationship can initially show a very shallow relationship between partners later on.


Compromise is something that everyone should appreciate and accept in everyday communication. Without compromise there is no quality relationship. Compromise is the willingness of all parties in communication to renounce certain of their views in order to obtain a solution that would suit everyone. It is important that all individual views are presented in the communication, that they are analyzed in detail in order to see the advantages and disadvantages, and that the situation (problem) is resolved in the best possible way.


According to the Bible, the definition of marriage is the union of a man and a woman who love each other. Love should be the only link between two people of different sexes uniting in a holy community. Only by connecting in love is God’s blessing obtained. Everything that binds two people into a community, and is not love, is null and void, even if it is confirmed in religious and secular institutions.

Emotional Cripple

Adults are usually said to be emotional cripples because a lot of them behave immaturely. Many people experience a lot of negative situations when growing up in their parents' home, school and out of school, so the experiences gained in this way are permanently implanted in the pattern of thinking, which manifests itself in adulthood as a pattern of behavior. These situations that happen to the child, and which should be explained to him in order to understand them in the right way, given the bad relationship with the parents, remain permanently incomprehensible.


There is very little communication in the world today, and even when there is, it is rarely constructive. Due to the lack of constructive communication, there is a lot of disagreement, misunderstanding, and often hatred. Constructive communication is communication in which all persons in the conversation have equal rights, express their opinion, which may or may not be accepted, in a clear, unambiguous and honest way.

Emotional Immaturity

There are a lot more emotionally immature people these days than ever before. Such immature persons also create immature relationships that can be described as superficial and weak which means short-lived. Such a situation is a reflection of the situation in the families, as it is a reflection of the bad relationship between the parents as well as the bad relationship between the parents and the children. Today, children are mostly entertained and their lives are filled with television, video games and mobile phones (social networks, internet).


Nowadays, the concept of family has been completely distorted, mainly in the western countries of the world. This is because many new interpretations of life together between two people are included in the definition of family. A new social norm is being set that only encourages today's unacceptable way of defining a family as a community of two people. Such a distorted way of understanding the family was never on Earth until the last 60 years, that is, since the 1960s, when the transitional period from the so-called Iron Age (Kali yuge) towards the Golden Age which is expected soon.


Today, fewer and fewer people are responsible to themselves, so it is obvious that they are not responsible to the people around them or to the environment. This is especially true in difficult situations that sometimes happen to us. One of the latter is the corona virus pandemic. Everyone in the media tells us to be responsible for our own and other people's health. Who sticks to that? Few. Only those who are responsible and those who are in fear adhere. Do you think the virus would have spread so much if people had behaved responsibly towards themselves? It would not.


Prayer is the strongest positive energy in which we connect directly with God. In prayer we surrender completely to the will of God. In true, deep prayer, we receive guidance from God on how we should live. With belief in the power of prayer, anything is possible and everything is achievable. If there is no deep humility, faith, and surrender to God's will in us, there is no connection with God, no life in love, and no life in truth. Only when people understand what deep, true prayer can they take the right path, because then they receive God’s guidance, feel it in themselves all the time, because our whole life is prayer.

Weak Person

Weak people are those who do not want to face their life and lead it but let life pass by them. The reason why such persons arise can be twofold. The first reason is that they are born with such a character and in this life they must learn how to move and take their life into their own hands. The second reason is that they have always been active and eager for initiative, but due to the combination of circumstances, situation and upbringing in the parental home, they have lost all desire for active participation in their lives.

Strong Person

Usually there is one strong person in every family that everyone relies on and of which all expects to comfort, support, get out of trouble and the like. Such people are usually expected to be always strong and supportive at all times. They carry this burden either voluntarily or as their personal obligation and responsibility to the family. Most householders feel that they should give to them constantly. In this way, an apparent harmony in the family is maintained.


Persistence is something that allows us to reach the goal. Persistence requires a lot of effort, focus, energy and time. Reaching the goal is not an easy or quick process. In addition, we must accept the high probability that we will achieve success through many attempts and failures. No path is easy. That is why there is persistence. Without persistence the world could not evolve. Thanks to that handful of persistent, unbreakable people, the world was moving towards a better way of life, better diet, better way of living, better health conditions, longer life expectancy... Persistence drives.


A promise is something we need to keep. If we promise something to someone, that someone relies on our word and trusts us. He believes that what we promised will happen. If we do not keep our word, we lose trust in that person, and sometimes further relationships are permanently damaged. A promise carries within it the positive energy of the realization of an act. If this does not happen to the person who expects the fulfillment of the promise, there is sadness, grief, confusion, resentment, which are actually all negative emotions full of negative energy.


Depression is isolation, separation from God. Depression is the result of not knowing and not wanting to find the truth about ourselves, who we truly are. Depression today is associated with a state of mood, so that nowadays adolescents also suffer from depression, although it most often occurs around the age of forty. Living is getting harder these days. Many obligations and responsibilities are set from an early age. In addition, people are less and less sensitive to other people's troubles, turn their heads away from their own problems, avoid getting into conflicts even though they are sometimes necessary to make a positive change. People become inert and sluggish.


Inertia is more and more prevalent nowadays in humans. This is manifested in sluggishness, refusal to accept change, refusal to think, laziness, consistency, immutability, inaction, passivity. There is a lot of depression, despair and dissatisfaction these days. Instead of people focusing on changes in such a state within themselves, they turn to a settled lifestyle. It should be understood that such a state is only a reflection that people cultivate in themselves, it is not their true state. The more separated people are from God, the worse their inner state is. This automatically encourages inaction, passivity and inertia, not a desire for any change.


People are by nature diligent and hardworking. We know that young children are always doing something, learning something, having fun with something. They are constantly on the move and constantly thinking. Later, depending on the environment in which they grow up, their views on life, and thus on work, change. Some remain active as they grow older, others become lazy.


Telepathy is a phenomenon inherent in all people. Telepathy means feeling at a distance. Since everything is energy, people, plants, animals, everything animate and inanimate, we are all united in one absolute energy. That’s why we can feel each other. Some more and some less. Those who are more connected to their heart, means more connected to their intuition they feel more and can communicate better at a distance than those who are not.


Today, the term popularity is a very unhealthy phenomenon in society. Because popularity is viewed in a distorted way a large proportion of people want to be popular. That desire starts back in kindergarten where children bombarded by the media feel that they can only get everything in life if they are popular. They start overdoing it and demanding things that can make them popular, and they’ve seen it on television, laptops, or cell phones. One part of such an unhealthy attitude towards life is emphasized by parents approving and satisfying the wishes of children in excessive amounts.

To Be Present

Today, few people are present in their own lives, much less in other people’s lives. Being present in your life means leading your life, understanding what is going on in it and why it is so. In addition to having a goal, because only when we have a goal can we lead and direct our lives. People who don’t have a goal don’t know what’s going on with their lives, why it’s happening, and that such an attitude can be changed. This is the behavior of people who are convinced that they have no power over their lives and who believe that others are the ones who shape their lives. They do not understand the lesson "everyone is a blacksmith of their own happiness" or the lesson "as you sow, so shall you reap". No one taught them to shape their lives with their thoughts, needs and desires. No one told them that they had to be present in their lives, because only in that way could they change it.


Nowadays, very few people notice what is happening around them. People are less and less attentive and less and less timely react to changes around them. Children should be taught to notice from an early age, because it will help them get out of some problems and situations easier, faster and without consequences.

Respect – Teachers, Professors

In our society, there has been a significant deterioration in behavior in terms of mutual respect over the past twenty years. People have begun to forget that in addition to the fact that parents should raise their children with a lot of love, teachers and professors also have an extremely strong influence, given that children spend 4 to 6 hours a day in schools (educational institutions) and some even longer.

Respect – Children

The majority of today's children do not respect anyone. Younger children do not respect their parents because, firstly, their parents do not respect themselves and children can sense this, and secondly, because their parents do not respect them, their children. With such an attitude, the question is why children should respect their parents.

Respect – Parents

These days, most young people between the ages of 25 and 45 do not respect anyone. In doing so, they show that they do not respect themselves either. They don’t respect their life, they don’t respect their body, they don’t respect their health, they don’t respect their job or the people around them. The only reason that they do not respect people is because they are not well educated and guided.

Epidemics, Pandemics, Diseases

Diseases are unhealthy states of consciousness. This era's transition period began in 1960. After the Kali Yuga (the Iron Age) or the Dark Age of mankind, the Golden Age of mankind is expected. The year 1960 saw the beginning of a sudden development of awareness in people, and the energies began to move faster too. This means that people were given the ability to see who they really are. Ancient Eastern teachings began to penetrate the West.


Hope is the thing that constantly pushes us forward. Without the hope that something will happen that will bring a positive change in our lives, or without the hope that a certain event and/or situation will turn in our favor, most of us would probably give up on life. We all hope for something every day. We have old unfulfilled hopes and new ones. Hopes we would like to see become a reality soon or at some point in our future. Sometimes we want this to happen as soon as possible in our future, even though we are quite aware that it may take a few years.


We are all full of desires. Our first desires appear at the moment of our birth, and they continue appearing until we die. By fulfilling our desires, we try to satisfy some of our needs to possess something or just to feel emotionally satisfied. Our desires can be realistic and unrealistic. Many of the desires we have throughout our lives are unrealistic. Unrealistic desires are desires that are almost unattainable and almost all unrealistic desires are not truly realized during a person's life. There are many reasons for this.


Today, people have less and less patience, because they think they have no time in this so-called busy world. By not having patience, they show how much they want to achieve everything in the shortest possible time. (Everything that happens in life happens after a certain period of time has elapsed. This is because with our thoughts, reflections and defining our thoughts we encourage the creation of events in real life.)


Belief in someone or something has existed since man himself. The definition of belief has changed throughout history. Today’s definition of belief has several meanings. One meaning refers to belief in God, while the other refers to belief in a person.


People define success in terms of their way of thinking, experience, but most of all in relation to the level of development of their awareness of life, love and God.


An incarnation is a repetition of the embodiment of the soul into a physical or material body until it experiences, understands and accepts everything for which it is embodied. Then it moves to a higher dimension. We are now in the third dimension (3D). We will talk about the dimensions in one of the following posts.


An incarnation is a repetition of the embodiment of the soul into a physical or material body until it experiences, understands and accepts everything for which it is embodied. Then it moves to a higher dimension. We are now in the third dimension (3D). We will talk about the dimensions in one of the following posts.


It is not nice to steal or alienate things from others that we have not earned or bought ourselves. By doing so, we show the Universe that we think we don’t have enough and that we didn’t even deserve to have more than we have. Why is that so?


I never liked to lie in my life. After all, like most, my parents said it wasn’t nice and that a lie has no legs. Moreover, they also told me that one lie draws on another and people who start lying get drawn into their own lies and live in their own lies.


Friendship is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. Throughout my life, I have understood what it means to be a friend, to have a friend, and to be in a friendship with someone, but also what is a breakup and what it is like.


Love is considered by most people to be a feeling. Love is not a feeling. Love is the most powerful energy that created everything; the universe, the planets, everything material and immaterial, and everything animate and inanimate on all the planets, including Earth. Love is the energy for which we were born, for which we live and for which we manage to overcome all the adversities and problems of our lives.


Fear is the strongest energy, but the opposite of love. Fear is destructive, fear destroys positive energy, fear leaves people under the stress of uncertainty and self-destruction. Today, fear is the strongest manipulation of people. Fear is mostly a tool of manipulation of the media, religious institutions, it appears more and more in families, collective and social communities.