Welcome to the Glossy Energy blog!

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a long time. I think it’s one of the great ways to communicate with people. In today’s time where there is not much quality communication, social networks can be very useful. I will try to communicate with you, my readers, about many topics of today’s society through my blog. One part will deal with topics that will concern issues that plague today’s people, such as fear, helplessness, depression, democracy, change on Earth, while the other part will address topics that are almost never or to very small extent mentioned in public, such as transhumanism, astral projections, aliens, angels, incarnations and the like. I started to put my thoughts into words by writing my first two books whose presentations you will find on the pages of this blog. The books have been on sale for some time. They can be purchased at bookstores or borrowed from libraries.

From a young age, my goal was to help people. For thirty years I have been perfecting myself with the knowledge of who I am, why I am here on Earth at this time and with these people around me. What do I have to learn, what is the purpose of the whole process and ultimately, what is the goal? I translated that in part into my two books. I hope there will be more. The framework topic is the action of energies. While writing the books, I slowly began to elaborate on the effects of energies, so in the first book I talk about the energies in the human body, the effects of environmental energies on the human body and the interconnectedness of everyone and everything with everything in one all-encompassing energy. In the second book, I focused more on the energies that are in our environment, that act on us and that we can change only if we are aware of them. The changes in the energies on Earth are very visible, but much of these changes are attributed to the poor attitude of people (at least individuals) towards the Earth. The next, third book, will address the next types of energies that shape us, and so on as long as I express my opinion on many topics, all of which will be related to energies.

The topics I will cover through the blog will be those that are already included in my books and they will be explained a little more broadly, or topics that will not be covered in my next books.

From my posts, as well as from reading my books, you will see how everything on Earth and in the Universe and we are inextricably linked to God.
I will be happy to read your questions and answer them, as well as your comments.

Thank you for being a part of my blog family.




I have been a reiki master since 1997 and I have helped many people and animals to solve their physical problems, and for people, psychological problems. When healing people, one cannot work without the other. Problems mostly arise because of emotions that a person faces in everyday life. Therefore, no reiki master can permanently help a person if he is not ready to understand the background of the problems pressing him and the desire for inner change. Every Reiki master must also be a psychologist.
Love does not judge, it supports, provides understanding, carefully advises, provides protection, does not want to change anyone to adapt it to itself, which means accepting others as they are, but does not allow insults, abuse, aggression, manipulation, because it is not love, it is the expression of the ego to a greater or lesser extent.