The Power of
Human Energy

Ever since I was born, I have kept asking myself the same questions. I realized that these same questions were asked by the people around me. Who is God? Why do I live? Why does God punish me? Do I really need to have such a hard life? How will I manage? And similar questions. I asked myself all these questions and a million others. I've been looking for an answer for years. Since I am a Catholic by birth, I began to question the truth of Catholic dogmas.

The Power of Truth

The second book was written as a continuation of the first. So again, it's about energies, but in a different way. After all, everything is energy. Since I study and analyze what God sends me, it would be good for me to understand and expand my views on life, so I read a lot of texts related to the so-called Golden age which is said to have begun in 1960. It's no coincidence.