Medications can be good for the body and bad. They can be made from medicinal substances of plant and animal origin as well as many organic and inorganic synthetic products that serve to detect, control and treat diseases in the body, or relieve and alleviate pain. In addition to the pills we call medicines, medicines also include blood and blood derivatives, and everything that is used from materials for medical purposes. Medicines are also called useful poisons, because poisons in small doses are useful medicines. The basic condition for the use of the drug is efficacy, reliability, safety, quality with clear instructions for use, and the method and area of action.


Addiction is a condition in people who have convinced themselves that they cannot live without something or someone. It is usually a long-term condition that is present for many reasons. For some it is present to make them feel better or satisfied e.g. by eating chocolate, the need to accumulate money and gamble, in others to forget their problems e.g. alcohol and drugs, in the third to show their maturity e.g. alcohol and smoking, in the fourth to show that e.g. the person allows daily mental and physical abuse (stimulating the feelings of the victim) etc. Addictions are varied and all encourage negative feelings, negative behavior and the breakdown of the person in psychicical and physical terms.


The subconscious is a collection of all our thoughts, memories, and emotions that we have accumulated over a lifetime that we are not aware of. While we observe consciousness on only one level, the one that is real to us at a given moment, either in waking or in a dream, we observe the subconscious on nine levels. Levels that are close to the conscious state are also the shallowest. This is where the alpha state of sleep enters when we know what we are dreaming.


Consciousness is made up of our thoughts that we are aware of whether we are awake or asleep. These conscious thoughts shape our reality, the way we express and behave. Our consciousness and our thoughts are shaped, upgraded and changed from our birth until our physical death. This means that our consciousness is shaped by our parents, the media and all the people we come in contact with.
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