f Self-restraintHome Archives Self-restraint People limit themselves out of fear. This fear arose due to the poor attitude of the parents towards the child. The parent does not understand how much his words affect the child’s life and his understanding of reality and truth. If a parent knows how his every word the child absorbs and builds a relationship with himself and life that later defines his attitudes, decision-making and behavior, he would pay close attention to his behavior, attitude and words to his child.


Defiance is most often manifested in children, considering that they must loudly show dissatisfaction with the way their parents treat them. Otherwise defiance occurs in all age groups. Have you ever, as a parent, wondered why your children defy you? The parent should always think about the negative expressions of the child's feelings towards him.


Parents and society instill prejudices in a child from birth. There are a lot of dangerous prejudices that if a child accepts them into his life, they can have a big negative impact on him. One of such prejudices is that if you are born with poor parents and in a poor environment, your life is marked by living in poverty.


The way a person shows his pride shows the stage of his spiritual development. People who are at a lower stage of spiritual development openly show their pride. Their pride is connected to their ego. The stronger the ego, the stronger they express pride. In such persons, pride is expressed by their praise of themselves, their elevation of themselves above others.