I have been a reiki master since 1997 and I have helped many people and animals to solve their physical problems, and for people, psychological problems. When healing people, one cannot work without the other. Problems mostly arise because of emotions that a person faces in everyday life. Therefore, no reiki master can permanently help a person if he is not ready to understand the background of the problems pressing him and the desire for inner change. Every Reiki master must also be a psychologist.

Breaking ties

There are different types of connections. Some of them are happy and successful, and some are unhappy and unhealthy. Happy and successful relationships bring fulfillment, satisfaction and joy, while unhealthy relationships bring pain, insecurity, fear, and sometimes even death.

Why should one think

Human brain is constantly working, which means it works 24 hours a day. That is why it should be directed to constructive and quality thoughts. Most people think about their day and what that day brought them both good and bad. It is necessary to understand what caused what happened to you, especially if it is repeated in the same or similar way. Until you understand the reason and learn a life lesson from that event, it will keep repeating itself. This means that you go around in circles and actually live in the past and do nothing to change your life or improve your life situation. It's not good for you, and it's not good for others.


Mnogo ljudi nije sigurno u sebe, svoje stavove i svoje postupke. Često puta, ukoliko im nešto ne uspije, kritiziraju sebe. Što se više kritiziraju to se češće događaju situacije u kojima imaju malo uspjeha ili su potpuno promašene. To kritiziranje je samoosuđivanje sebe. Na takav način si govore da nisu dovoljno dobri, da nisu dovoljno vrijedni i da ne zaslužuju uspjeh.